Friday, December 05, 2008

Bible Memorization Worksheet 2009

As 2008 draws to a close, I'm sure many of us feel that we could've done much more this year to implant God's Word into our hearts. If your year was like mine, you probably memorized more phone numbers than Bible verses. But as 2009 approaches, we have the opportunity to commit ourselves to a truly fruitful cause. We can work hard to memorize Scripture, week after week, for the next 52 weeks. We can allow God to blow the doors off of our hearts and do a great work in us through our learning of Scripture. In the hands of the Holy Spirit the Bible is the most powerful tool that we have for spiritual growth. Let's not neglect it to our shame and detriment.

Here is a Bible Memorization worksheet for 2009 that you might find useful. Feel free to share it with others.

Most important of all -- pray! pray! pray! Pray as you memorize these verses that God would powerfully enable you to live them out.

May God bless your efforts.

Bible Memorization Worksheet 2009


  1. You have won the "My Heart Bleeds Purple Peanut Butter" Award.

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  2. Mark:

    I looked at your blog. I did not realize that you coveted the Golden Garbage Can Award. I will consider this a nomination. Remember, Once Nominated, Always Nominated.

    However, I do appreciate your unselfish teamwork and devotion to Trialblogue with your quest for those extra credit points for rudeness, even after Triablogue was given the Runner-Up's Award in advance of the announcement of the Winner's Award. I aedmire your devotion.

    I am also planning to create the Golden Potty Award for the best Pottymouth. Since there is an unusual amount of that kind of language on this blog, would you be interested in nominating one of your cohorts?

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  3. Berny, I took your set-up, designed a copy of it and made a similar version of the worksheet. I hope you do not mind. It was a great idea! The link to my post is listed under you post here if you want to see what I did. Thank you for the inspiration!