Friday, October 31, 2008

From The Horse's Mouth

There's been debate about what Obama actually has argued for concerning the born alive act. But we have his own words now. Below you can hear for yourself his questions and statements on the Illinois Senate floor. At the very least, he comes across quite irrational, exhibiting diminished critical thinking skills. He actually instantiates what philosopher Harry Frankfurt dubbed as "bull sh**t." A "bull sh**t" artist isn't a liar, they're worse. They just let fly whatever pops into their head regardless of whether it's true or not. A liar is at least concerned enough with the truth to conceal it, BSers don't care about the truth whatsoever. What they say could be true, or it could be false, but that doesn't matter since truth and falsity isn't on their radar.

Is Obama going to straighten out this country? That's a premature question, let's ask if the man can even think straight first.


  1. Which of the comments that Obama made shows that he lacks critical thought?

  2. Want to see some good exegesis as to why Obama shouldn't have to help his poor aunt?

    Check it out!


  3. I hope you're kidding about that being good exegesis. She quotes two verses that say don't give alms to show off. If you do, the oooh's and aahh's you get from the crowd is your only reward. Is Obama limited to giving alms only when the media has a camera watching?