Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Intellectual Sloth

In response to my post directly below, I see Loftus has responded. I leave it to "serious thinkers" to determine the score:


John W. Loftus said...

To Paul,


We'll just let readers of my book decide for themselves. It's all there. You have merely dug your own credibility grave, Paul. I don't see how anyone who has some level of intelligence and education will agree with you. And since you'll maintain otherwise despite the evidence it's fruitless for me to bother with someone like you. If only you could be honest with the evidence here, as well as with what you believe. But you cannot. Exhibit A is how you dealt with the argument in that chapter of my book. Henceforth no one should take what you write seriously. You're not interested in the knowing the truth, and what you say will simply not help any Christian who is having doubts because of reading my book. I do not see how you can feel good about this.

7:56 PM, September 24, 2008


I guess when you leave Christianity you don't have to worry about moral integrity anymore. Rather than engage in the hard work of refuting opposition, just puff out your feathers and dishonestly claim that the opposition "misrepresents" you. If that was all anyone had to do to "rebut" a view critical of theirs, life would be much, much easier. Atheism is for the intellectually lazy.


  1. "I leave it to "serious thinkers" to determine the score:"

    Unfortunately, mudwrestling with pigs produces no winners.

    (And I speak from personal experience...)

  2. Hmmmm, either I did misrepresent his position on history or I didn't. I don't see how one could "tie" in that regard.

    Here's my reason for why I didn't

    There can be no tie in thsi regard.