Monday, September 15, 2008

I Remember When

HT: Steve:

Our Modern Chains

I remember when there were no cell phones. I remember life without laptops, desktops, and I-Pods. I remember when we talked to our neighbors and didn't look away from each other as we walked down Main Street. I remember IBM Selectrics and White-Out. I remember 45's and LP's. I remember when...


  1. Do you remember Hullabaloo,
    Upbeat, Shinding and Ed Sullivan too?
    Do you remember rock'n'roll radio?
    Do you remember rock'n'roll radio?

    (couldn't resist)

  2. I remember Davy Crokett and when coonskin caps were all the rage. I remember when Elvis went into the Army and girls cried for days and days. I remember Brylcreem, Carter's Little Liver Pills, Castor Oil, Guy Lombardo as Zorro, Sing Along With Mitch. I remember Commodore 64's and casette tape drives. I remember madras shorts, culots, that greasy kid-stuff, cool Ed Byrnes, Twilight Zone. I remember buying Beatle albums for $1.50 a piece, 45's were 50 cents. I remember putting $5.00 of gas in my car and driving for two week before needing more.

    Glad you're back, Gene.

  3. I remember Davy Crokett and when coonskin caps were all the rage

    Wow, Les, I knew you were around in the 50's, but I didn't think you hailed from the late 18th/early 19th century...historic Baptist indeed ;).

    Sorry, just had to go there, that bit was begging for it :D.