Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Jason Pratt: snake in the grass

Jason Pratt said...

For two largely completed portions of a metaphysical analysis arriving at orthodox Trinitarian theology (I haven't yet posted up the two middle sections of chapters), you might try my Sword to the Heart series of entries at the Christian Cadre Journal...As this is an ecumenical journal I don't spell out the implications with total explicitness, but it's there for those "who have eyes to see and ears to hear".)

Notice how he sails under false colors.

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  1. Actually, all the Cadre is very well aware that I'm an orthodox universalist; and I openly discuss it with some frequency (and occasionally with some length) in comments across the board.

    I choose not to use main posts to directly contend for universalism, however, out of respect for the ecumenical apologetics focus of the journal; and in cases where a main post gets close to the topic I try to make a point of reminding readers ahead of time that not all contributors agree with all positions taken on the site. (As I did in that particular entry, where the logical implications point exclusively toward universalism as a corollary, though the topic is more directly about the important ethical implications of trinitarianism for solving the Euthyphro dilemma over-against mere monotheism or other theistic approaches.)