Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ignorant sensationalism

“Rabbi David Wolpe shocked the Jewish world when he gave a Passover sermon that suggested that the Exodus as described in the Torah never took place.”

Evan missed is true calling in life. He should be writing for the National Inquirer.

Anyone who knows anything about modern Judaism knows that modern Jewry ranges along a theological continuum from far left to far right. It would hardly shock the Jewish world that a modern rabbi denies the historicity of the Exodus.

And Wolpe’s article show no sign that he’s ever studied the opposing literature on the subject.


  1. Yeah, Wolpe's got to be wrong for just those reasons, Steve! Man, you hit 'em out of the park every time.

  2. Jaguk,

    Um, Steve didn't make an argument as to whether Wolpe was right or wrong. He simply commented on the emotionally loaded terminology Evan employed, viz., "shocked."

    Man, you hit 'em out of the park every time! Way to go, stud.

  3. Guys,

    haven't You ever read Goethe's Faust before? Don't You know that the devils always want to impress by their multitude and great number? Look at an ordinary Christian blog: it has a certain [relatively limited] number of links to other blogs. Then take a good look at atheist blogs: it's like they feel practically complelled to list almost each and every single other atheist blog out there in their blog-roll. The same is with repetitive recurences to "Rabbis who deny Exodus", etc: they know very well the Jewish position on this, so they have no other possibility than to grasp at straws: THIS man says this, THAT man says that, (and in the end they all die).