Friday, May 30, 2008

The race against time

John Loftus and Gerry Matatics are both men on a mission. Two middle-aged men in a hurry. Loftus is an apostate pastor turned militant atheist while Matatics is an apostate pastor turned sedevacantist. Both men are out to save the world—and the clock is ticking.

One wonders if they were separated at birth. In some ways they’re the mirror image of each other. Loftus is trying to save humanity from 2 billion deluded Christians while Matatics is trying to save a billion deluded Catholics from the anti-Pope. Seems like a tall order on either count. Who will get there first?

In the interests of time, not to mention the escalating price of gasoline, wouldn’t it be more cost-effective to divvy up the globe? Let Loftus work the Northern Hemispheric side of the street while Matatics is working the Southern Hemispheric side of the street.

That would also lessen the risk that of their bumping into each other at the same Best Western in Deadwater Wyoming or thereabouts. One shudders to contemplate the outcome if they every came into contact. Would Loftus emerge from that confrontation reciting the Rosary? Would Matatics emerge from that confrontation reciting the Humanist Manifesto? Or would both men emerge in body bags?

“Since leaving home early Easter Monday morning to embark on my current nine-state (MD, VA, NC, SC, GA, FL, MS, LA, TX), 35-city spring 2008 segment of my six-year, 350-city mega tour, I've already driven nearly 7000 miles. And I still have seven cities and another 1000 miles to go… It's been a physically grueling but spiritually gratifying trip so far, thanks be to God. Once I'm back home at the end of this week I'll be telling you about the responses I've been getting on this trip to my talk, ‘Counterfeit Catholicism: How Faithful Catholics Come to Realize That Vatican II, The New Mass, and Benedict XVI (like his four immediate predecessors) Are Not What They Claim to Be’."

“If you or any of your family, friends, or loved ones live near any of these cities, I urge you to come and hear this vital talk, the most important talk I've ever given in my entire 22-year career as a full-time Catholic apologist. As with all segments of my megatour, this is absolutely the last time I plan on ever speaking in these cities.”

“Please keep my safety on this trip in your prayers. And as I said in my previous post, any donation, large or small, you might wish to send via check or money order, Visa or MasterCard, to help put gas in my car or pay for a meal or a motel room, would be greatly appreciated. Though we pinch every penny, select the least expensive locations, and eat groceries in the car to avoid the costs of restaurants as much as possible, when one adds together the cost of renting even inexpensive meeting space, mimimal advertising, a budget hotel or motel sleeping room, gas, and groceries, every stop on this megatour easily costs a minimum of $250 - $300 a night. AS always, we remember every donor and all his or her loved ones, living and deceased, in our daily rosaries and other prayers.”

In Christ our King and Mary Our Queen Mother,

Gerry Matatics

“I just returned a few days ago from yet another whirlwind speaking tour (November 5-16), this time throughout central and southern Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, and portions of northern Alabama and southern Virginia.”

“On this huge, hectic, high-speed trip I put over 3,300 miles on my car - which (thanks be to God) was fortunately (and amazingly) still drivable throughout the entire trip after hitting a large deer at 55 mph only three hours into my trip at 2:30 am in western PA. The impact not only caused everything in my car to come flying forward and completely cover myself and my 16-year-old son Peter, it crumpled and jammed shut the hood, smashed the front grill and both front fenders, but mercifully didn't disable the headlights.”

“Undaunted - and with no time to spare to get the car fixed anyway: I had left home in just enough time to drive the 14 hours straight to get to St. Louis, Missouri in time to give my first talk.”

“These talks energetically make the case that, according to Catholic theology and canon law, John XXIII through Benedict XVI could not have been validly elected to the papacy, due to their disqualifying character as manifest heretics before their election. (In addition, all these men can be shown to be promoters of one or more of the following: Talmudic Judaism, Communism, and Freemasonry - which further disqualifies them from both membership and office in the Catholic Church.)”

“This being so, John XXIII could not have validly called, and Paul VI could not have validly concluded, a true council of the Church, which explains why Vatican II teaches doctrines (such as a novel ecclesiology, religious liberty, ecumenism, the salvific efficacy of false religions, etc.) previously condemned by the Church's Magisterium.”

“Vatican II was convened to ‘baptize’ these heresies, to call the Catholic bishops of the world to Rome to put their signatures to these heresies, and to send these men back home to their various dioceses, no longer as bishops of Christ's one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church, but as bishops of a new church which had thus taken over the infrastructure ‘formerly owned and operated’ by the Catholic Church.”

“As a result, the new, Vatican II church teaches new doctrines (e.g., in its new Catechism), offers a New Mass and sacraments, and enshrines a new morality in its New Code of Canon Law, all of which clearly demonstrate it to be another church than the Catholic Church, which is always (as Pius XII reminds us in paragraph 66 of his 1943 encyclical Mystici Corporis Christi) ‘spotless’ in the doctrines it perennially and immutably teaches, in the worship it offers God and the sacraments it dispenses among men, and in its universal legislation.”

“Anyone who is fearful of coming to my conclusions, but who admits that the Rome-approved abominations of the past fifty years – ‘papal’ Masses incorporating diabolical pagan rites, inter-faith worship, altar girls, modern communion in the hand, the dispensing of sacraments to non-Catholics, Masses which fatally misrepresent Our Lord as saying ‘for you and for ALL’ in consecrating the chalice, modernist Biblical scholarship which indicts the Sacred Scriptures with error and myth, heresies regarding the fate of Jews, Muslims, pagans, and unbaptized infants, etc., etc. -- are all less than ‘spotless,’ has already lost the argument: such a ‘church’ CANNOT be the Catholic Church!”

“And I show that the ‘pontificate’ and recent motu proprio of Benedict XVI, far from betokening that long-promised ‘new springtime of the Church, actually are frauds that exacerbate the current crisis and deepensthe diabolical disorientation and deception pervasive among contemporary ‘Catholics,’ even as they seduce traditionalists to return to the leprous embrace of the whorish (Apocalypse 17) Vatican II church in the mistaken belief that she is really Holy Mother Church.”

“This recorded seminar shows that the principled and utter rejection of Vatican II and its counterfeit doctrines, counterfeit Mass and sacraments, counterfeit canon law, and counterfeit popes, is not only compatible with Catholic teaching - it is the ONLY position that is compatible with Catholic teaching. To embrace any other explanation of the current crisis, as I show by example after example, is to REJECT Catholic teaching, and thus to endanger your immortal soul.”

“In these talks I show how Sacred Scripture (in both type and prophecy), extra-Biblical prophecy, and previous crises of Church history all clearly foretell the very thing that has come to pass in our day. I show that the teaching of popes, Fathers and Doctors of the Church, saints, and canon law all agree that it can happen and will happen before the Second Coming of Christ. That it now, in our lifetime, has happened is undeniable.”

Yours in Christ our King and Mary Our Queen Mother,
Gerry Matatics

“This coming Wednesday, May 14th, at 7 PM, I'll be doing a presentation on my book for the budding Ft. Wayne Freethought Association at the Allen County Public Library, 900 Library Plaza.”

By John W. Loftus
at 5/09/2008

“Here's a review of my talk in Ft. Wayne...It was a joy being there for a group that numbered a total of 18 people to begin with.”

“I have decided to make myself available for speaking engagements… I'm available to come and give a talk to your freethought organization, or college group… I'm also available for public debates if a church group or campus organization would like to set one up with me, especially on the problem of evil.”

“I no longer feel guilty for what I think about, whereas Christians always seem to struggle with thoughts of hate, greed, lust, and the like. I don't have to anymore, for the most part. I only have to be concerned with what I actually do, not what I think about. I no longer have to give of my hard earned money to fund a church building in hopes God will multiply it back to me, I don’t have to worry about what Ms. Peabody thinks if I go play pool at the bars, and I no longer have to waste so much of my time attending church, reading the Bible, praying, and evangelizing, and the overwhelming guilt that used to come when I failed in these things. If I see a pretty girl I can imagine what she looks like naked if I want to, and comment on her looks to the guys, so long as I do nothing about it, since I’m a very happily married man. I can drink and get buzzed if I want to.”

“I also believe there are inherent dangers with religious beliefs. They don’t always materialize, but they do have their impact in various ways. There are political reasons, which I don’t touch on here much at all. There is a large voting block of evangelical Christians in America that help elect our local and state and national governmental officials. This large block of evangelical Christians also participate in letter campaigns to change public policy in ways I don’t approve of.”

“Christians have a false and irrational hope, but just don’t know it. They are simply deluded into thinking their lives have some grand ultimate purpose. So who’s better off? Someone who lives a life of delusion, doing things because they think it will matter for eternity, along with the daily guilt for not having lived up to those standards, or someone who lives with his or her feet planted squarely on the ground with the only reality that is to be had?”

“But it's precisely because of people like you, Steve, and Paul Manata, and JP Holding, and Frank Walton, that I am so motivated to destroy the delusional faith you have (even if Holding isn't a Calvinist). 30 years from now there will be many people who will have rejected the Christian faith from reading my book, and it will partially be your fault since neither you nor Paul, nor Holding nor Walton ever treated me like a human being. I have other major motivations for what I do, of course, but what you and your ilk have done is to pouring gas on the flames of my passion. Switching metaphors it makes me want to go for the jugular vein of your faith like nothing else. It's one thing for me to argue what I do because I think Christianity is a delusion, which it is. It's quite another thing for it to be made into a personal vendetta with me. You and your ilk have done just that. So, I should partially thank you for helping my book be as forceful as it is. I put my all into it. It should be out at the end of July. I just don't think you understand.”

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