Monday, May 05, 2008

The Great Link

It’s difficult to pin Reppert down. That’s because Reppert isn’t from these here parts. If you take the Gamma Quadrant exit, then take the next left at the Omarion Nebula, you will arrive at Reppert’s home world.

It’s easy to be taken in at first since Reppert can assume humanoid form. But because he’s a shapeshifter, he keeps morphing into something else. A universalist on Mondays; an Arminian on Tuesdays, an open theist on Wednesdays, a fallibilist on Thursdays, an errantist on Fridays, a kumquat on Saturdays, and liquid protoplasm on Sundays.

Manata and I are currently working on a quantum stasis field to see if we can keep Reppert frozen in one physical state for just long enough to respond to him.

1 comment:

  1. At the moment I think our greatest advantage is that Reppert has to revert to his natural state every 16 hours to regenerate. If only we could find where he hides his bucket, we could learn his true nature once and for all!