Friday, April 25, 2008

WTS on the Enns affair

From here:
The attached PDF provides some of the documents in the theological discussion brought forth by the book Inspiration and Incarnation.

The following items are included in the pdf document:

* Statement from the Chairman of the Board
* Preface to the Historical and Theological Field Committee
* Historical and Theological Fied Committee Report (HTFC)
* Preface to the Hermeneutics Field Committee's Reply
* Hermeneutics Field Committee's Reply to the HTFC (HFC)
* Edgar-Kelly Motion
* Minority Report
* "'The Infallible Rule of Interpretation of Scripture': The Hermeneutical Crisis and the Westminster Standards"

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  1. Steve,

    I have been reading through the discussion with Paul Seely over at Green Baggins, when I was finished with that I read the article by Noel K. Weeks in WTJ, "Cosmology in Historical Context" he boils Seely's argument down to one word Raqia, after he he delves into Seely's reliance on the Enuma Elish and shows that he cannot just assume the reliance of Genesis on the Babylonian account.

    I find it comical that this group of scholars are trying to paint themselves in the mold of Old Princeton.