Monday, February 04, 2008

Orthodox Miters, Crowns, and Assorted Pointy Hats

It's well known that Orthodox priests enjoy wearing miters and bejeweled crowns. Recently, some of our Orthodox opponents have shown us that the laity also seem to enjoy pointy hats.

At least once on Josh Brisby's blog and twice mentioned here, Jay Dyer has said this about the Jews:

If the Apostles quoted and used the LXX in the majority of instances of NT citations of the Old (as all scholars admit), why do you reject the LXX, intending to follow wicked, Christ-rejecting Jews?

In the process, he, of course, gives a free pass to that wicked heretic, Origen. What may we learn from this? I appears that Mr. Dyer is wearing that peculiar set of clerical robes found mostly in the South, and he does, I might add live in TN.

I surmise this must be one their church services. That's a great way to burn incense too, don't you think. It really sets a mood.

Then we have this zinger, which by the way,we think comes from none other than Orthodox, our resident dishonest Orthodox churchman who can't honor the ban imposed upon him. (Psst, Orthodox, we know you've been posting here, you sorta forgot to use the "Anonymous" label and left your name. Good job!).

I had written:

Because the easiest way for you to show that Paul taught things that are not included in Scripture is for you to produce them. So, have at it.

The reply
Go to an Orthodox Church and ask the priest.

In other words, he has no answer. Clearly this person wears a
third sort of hat in his church services. Here's a picture of him in Sunday School.

Which gets us back to those bejeweled crowns. For, you see, Orthodox, in the comment which was deleted in order to help him comply with his ban, made the statement that the Protestant rule of faith is, from the Orthodox point of view, (as if he speaks for "the" Orthodox point of view), seems like nothing more than atheism.

Why does this get us back to those bejeweled crowns? Well, it should be obvious. The Protestant rule of faith is that Scripture alone is God-breathed. Consequently, it is the sole infallible rule of faith for the faith and practice of the churches. All other traditions are useful but not infallible.

So, in saying that our rule of faith is convertible with atheism, Orthodox very kindly demonstrated that he is an ecclesiolater. For him God's own words are not sufficient to guide the church, and consequently not him. He must depend on "Holy Tradition," and therefore "the Church" (and a particular church at that). So, he has replaced the Word of God itself with the word of the church, the words of men. Sure, he dresses that up with mystical mumbo jumbo about the Holy Spirit living his life through the church, but this is, of course, nothing more than a rhetorical maneuver to hide his idolatry. When, by the way you call white black and black white, I might add, indeed by equating the work of God with the work of the devil, for that is, of course, what atheism is, you've committed the sin of the Pharisees. Good job, Orthodox.