Thursday, August 30, 2007

Savor the Irony

Coming soon!

It's no longer the NPP. It's the NPPR (not be confused with NPR). What's next, the Even Newer New Perspective on Paul or the Extremely New Recently Revised New Perspective on Paul - Subjectively Speaking of Course?


  1. Is this the part where Gene posts something and almost no one comments on it?

  2. I believe this is the part where Orthodox continues to post things under the label "anonymous" so he can get away with it, since he has such a wonderously pure heart and all.

  3. Actually, Orthodox left a comment here under his own name. That's fine, but I deleted it, because he's under a ban and can't seem to abide by it.

    BTW, for his edification, I'd remind him that:

    A. I have no problem with him posting responses on his own blog. The problem with him, among other things, was that he posted on this blog when he had one and only one article on his own. That's an abuse of comments.

    B. Orthodox, you have been warned and banned. In case you don't know, your posts will be removed in toto from other threads in the archives if you continue to post here.

    C. If his older posts are actually as significant as he's made them out to be, then he should want to avoid having them deleted. Thus, if he continues to put up new posts, he'll be demonstrating that he realizes how little worth his old posts actually have. His continuing to put up new posts will be an admission that his old posts aren't worth much.

    D. On the other hand, if he can behave, his privileges can be restored, but his behavior is only demonstrating his lack of integrity thus far and giving us further justification.

  4. * Who said it's an abuse of comments?

    We do. We after all make the rules, not Orthodox.

    * Making this claim way after the fact shows insincerity.

    A non-sequitur. This is a blog, not a discussion board. Open comments do not mean that you get to turn the blog into your own parallel universe.

    And he neglects to mention that he didn't bother posting links to his blog over here until that was pointed out to him on another blog.

    Claiming that he might reinstate privileges if I shut up is a ruse since part of the justification was heresy.

    Notice that Orthodox is the only person banned that is defying the ban. This testifies to his lack of integrity. Why should lift his ban when he acts this way?

    Claiming that he might reinstate privileges if I shut up is a ruse since part of the justification was heresy.

    You're wanting to make this into a ban on your for your ideas, but that's a boldfaced lie. The reasons for your ban were spelled out in this post:

    Where is "heresy" listed?

    You're conflating that post with the one posted afterward. But, "haireses" and "heretic" are intersecting terms, but the meaning of the former is broader.

    It is important to note that Paul is not dealing with false teachers only, but is including in his warning anyone in the broader church community that is divisive, disruptive, and breeds dissension.

    You're disruptive, that, not your doctrine, is the issue.

    Henceforth, whatever you say will be deleted until you manifest some true repentance.

    Here's how it works Orthodox, you get to exercise your discretion, and we get to exercise ours. You don't get a court of appeal; this isn't the Talmud.