Thursday, August 02, 2007

Reading List...

In the spirit of this thread:

The Art of Compromise: James White & Steve Camp

A Soft Answer Turns Away Wrath: Art Sippo, MD

All Sufficient: The Authority and Sufficiency of the BFM2K: Paige Patterson, Al Mohler, & Chuck Kelley

I Can't Get No Respect! Dave Armstrong

Illiterit : Even Maye

Brevity: Dave Armstrong & Steve Hays

Around the World in Seven Days: Touchstone

Missing Links: Touchstone

Evolution: No Joke! Steve Hays and Pete Pike

Salvation: Like a Tattoo! Dan Corner

Hair! The Musical, Jan Crouch

Irenicum: Kind Words For The Apostate: Steve Hays

From Apostasy to Faith: My Journey, John Loftus

Pecuniary Atonement: Classic Supralapsarianism and Equivalentalism Defined and Defended: Tony Byrne and David Ponter

General Atonement? Yes! Dr. Tom Nettles

Amyraldianism and You: Robert Reymond and Robert Nicole

Why I'm a Baptist, C. Matthew McMahon & R. Scott Clark

Speaking the Truth in Love: Art Sippo, MD

Philosophy Is Useless, Paul Manata

A Convention of Small Churches, Johnny Hunt, Charles Stanley, Jerry Vines, and Steve Gaines

Paige Patterson: Man's Best Friend, Benjamin Cole

With Right Authority! Why I'm a Landmarker, by Wade Burleson (Part 1 of 3)

Private Prayer Language Prohibited! Wade Burleson (Part 2 of 3), (Forward by Dwight McKissic)

How to Make Friends and Influence People: Handbook for Getting Everybody to Love You, Wade Burleson & Ben Cole (Part 3 of 3)

The Arminian Flyswatter, Charles the Brave

Handbook for Brief Writing: Gene M. Bridges and Steve Hays (seven page booklet)

My Journey To Rome: Jason Engwer

Baptists: Fruit of the Reformation: Paul Owen

Calvinism and Race: White People Crazy: Black Calvinist

Three Covenants, Seven Dispensations, A Modern Biblical Theology: Jason Robertson, Scott Hill, and Gene Cook Jr.

Why We Believe in the Covenant of Works: Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church and Conference

The Clarity and Perspicuity of Scripture: Kevin Johnson and Paul Owen

Handbook of Biblical Exegesis: Kevin Johnson and Tim Enloe

I Chose Him Because He Chose Me: Drs. Ergun and Emir Caner

Manual of Church Order: Ron Parsley & Jim Bakker

I, Robot: Henry

Why I'm Not a Calvinist: Timmy Brister, Nathan White, Andrew Lindsey, Dustin Segers, Tom Ascol, and Gene M. Bridges

Why I'm Not an Arminian: Peter Lumpkins, Ergun Caner, Jerry Vines, and Johnny Hunt

Every Calvinist is a Covenantalist by John MacArthur

Set the Prisoners Free, John L. Dagg

Many Translations are Good For Getting The Sense: Gail Riplinger and Peter Ruckman

Christ and The Decree: The Foreordination of God, William Lane Craig and Greg Boyd

Puritan Shmeritan! J.I. Packer and Paul Helm

Dare To Differ: Manual for Unity in Diversity: Marc Carpenter

The Solemn Rite of Believer's Baptism: Ronnie Floyd

The Blessings of Infant Baptism and Mixed Membership: Tom & Bill Ascol, (Forward by Jim Eliff and Voddie Bauckum)

Why Solo and Skywalker Are Better than Kirk and Picard, L. Russ Bush, Patrick Chan, & Eric Vestrup


  1. Now THAT was funny.

    How about "Penal Substitution, Defined and Defended"--Paul Owen

    I'd love to pick up that one on exegesis by Enloe and Johnson. Should be a winner...

    Also, that warm softie Carpenter's book should be good. Is he still clogging up the internet with his vitriolic drivel? Last I knew he added Jonathan Edwards to his list of "heretics".

    What a dimwit...

  2. I love the Ronnie Floyd book. :)


  3. Yeah, cute. But you missed one.

    From Calvinist to Arminian to Deist to Existentialist to Agonostic to Atheist, to Womanizer to Communist to Molester: Why I Change my Thinking and Way of Life Due to the Arguments of Loftus & Co. Written and published on behalf of Steve Hays.


  4. 'The Benefits of Psychoanalysis'
    edited by Jay Adams, with chapters from Dave Powlison, Tedd Tripp, Wayne Mack,and more!

    "Evidentialism: My Bread and Butter", Cornelius Van Til

    "Me and Cornelius: A Memoir", by Gordon Clark

    "I'm Okay, You're Okay", by John Robbins

    'Dispensationalism is Delightful:The Unpublished Works of John Gerstner'

  5. An Even Newer Perpective on Paul by D.A. Carson

    The New Perspective on N.T. Wright by D.A Carson

    The Case for Religious Tolerance by John Calvin

    Why Anti-Semitism Makes My Skin Crawl by Martin Luther

    Feasting on the Body and Blood of Christ by Thomas Cranmer

  6. Darwin is crap by Richard Dawkins

    Money isn't everything by Creflo Dollar

    The clarity of scripture by Rob Bell

    How Castro wrecked the Cuban economy by Michael Moore

    Reformed Systematics by Paris Hilton

    Jesus loves me, this I know by Christopher Hitchens

    I take full responsibility for my actions by John Loftus

    Why I will now stop calling Gene Cook by Paul Manata

  7. You forgot one!

    "Why I ditched my Bicycle and Finally Bought a Car" by Peter Pike

  8. Universally Identical by Albert Einstein

    Paradigms Are Worth Twenty Cents by Thomas Kuhn

    Three of These Axioms Are Both Wrong by Euclid

    Escaping Tipper: The True Reason Why I Invented Global Warming Along With the Internet by Algore

    If I Did It, This Is How It Happened by O.J. Simp--oh wait, scratch that one.

    Weight Loss Programs That REALLY Work! by Michael Moore (forward by Algore)

    Why Philosophy is Useless by Rene Descartes

    Y t3h n3t pWnZ M00zIk by Elton John (aka: DJ EJ)

    My Life of Poverty by John Edwards

    I AM Making This Up by Dave Barry

  9. Gene,

    These are great. Can I get them in one volume? :-)