Sunday, May 06, 2007

Lights In A Dark World

Given some of the recent threads at this blog, some of you may be interested in a post I wrote last year regarding the moral standards of the earliest Christians. The post includes some examples of what the earliest enemies of Christianity said about Christian morality.


  1. Jason,

    As you probably know, Francis Beckwith recently converted to RCism, and cited as one of his reasons as having studied the doctrine of justification in depth (both church fathers as well as Scripture). Seeing that trying to talk to Orthodox on the issue of authority is like trying to talk to a brick wall, could you change the topic of your posts to soteriology and the sacraments instead?

  2. Saint And Sinner,

    I began work on a post about Beckwith's reversion this morning, and I just posted it (before seeing your post here). I have a large amount of material in my files relevant to justification between the time of the apostles and the Reformation. What I've mentioned in my Beckwith post is only a small fraction of it. Sola fide is found in the fathers, and it's found in some patristic sources outside of the fathers. The common claim that the concept is absent between the time of the apostles and the Reformation is false, and it's false by a wide margin.