Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Day After Tomorrow never comes

I saw The Day After Tomorrow on TV last Sunday.

It has some cool special effects. The beauty of computer generated FX is that you can simulate all sorts of fantastic stuff that could never happen in real life.

The film works at the level of dumb fun. Indeed, it’s never funnier than when it takes itself seriously. The same could be said for the movie’s high-profile promoter, Al Gore:

One of the best scenes in the movie is where super-cell tornadoes level Hollywood. That’s just one of the fringe benefits of global warming. Can you think of a better reason raise green house emissions? We clearly need to subsidize the purchase of more SUVs.

It’s odd that liberals are so opposed to global warming. After all, they keep complaining about the “two Americas,” the haves and the have-knots.

Yet, at the moment, all the finest waterfront property is owned by the wealthiest one percent of the population. But if the mean sea level suddenly rose, that would instantly wipe out all of those plush estates and open up vast new tracts of virgin coastline for the proletariat to colonize.

Moreover, there’s a fundamental difference between a humanitarian disaster and an ecological disaster.

Environmentalists keep telling us that human beings are a threat to the ecosystem. In that event, shouldn’t they promote global warming as a kind of insecticide against the human parasites who infest Mother Nature? Think of it as global flea spray. A way to fumigate the planet.


  1. You'll probably hear more of this environmental stuff now that Al Gore made his public display of it.

  2. :::YAWN!!!:::

  3. Incisive wit, as always.

    What do the climate scientists know? The biologists? heh. Bunch of dumb scientists. Conservatives are tres scientific.