Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Mediating theologians


"Many exegetes carve of Gen 1-11 as being primarily allegorical, then pivoting from there forward into a more historical mode. Others slice the allegory at Gen 3, identifying the genealogies as being perfectly historical, and then returning to a more allegorical mode in Genesis 6."

Yes, we're more than familiar with this tactic.

"Exegetes" who do this are doing so because they cannot personally identify with the worldview of Genesis.

They don't believe that these events did happen or could happen.

But some of them still wish to cling to some semblance of Christian faith, for which reason they resort to various face-saving distinctions.

Many apostates have gone down this road before.


  1. Yeah, those irrational apostates just can't seem to get with the talking snake, the magical mystery fruit, the light before the sun, and the earth as the center of existence, and the whole dust/rib..whichisit shemang.

    Imagine those silly apostates...using their brains and coming to such illogical conclusions!

  2. :::SNIZZZ!!!!:::

  3. The above anonymous is indeed a one trick pony. Listen Anon., you've ridden that one comment for about 35 posts. Surely you can think up some other incredibly humorous comment that just destroys the Christian world view as well as it's truth claims. I believe in you...

  4. Actually, the above anonymous is not the same anonymous that usually brings out the ridiculous stories of the Bible to make a point...that is me.

    Can't blame him though, those stories are ridiculous, and no amount of philisophical mumbo-jumbo can hide that.


    (what is a "snizz" anyway?)