Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Which is More Rational: Christian Theism or Atheism

That was the issue to be resolved in MY DEBATE with Dan Barker which took place 7-10-06, on the infidel guy radio show.


  1. How harsh and abrassive you are. Chill out.

  2. So you believe that a snake could talk a few thousand years ago (because god made it happen) but that a cat couldn't talk today because god is done doing miracles for a while. How convenient.

    I guess he doesn't need to perform any more miracles because all of our questions here on earth have been answered and we all live in peace and harmony. So why the fuck are you all still praying to an impotent god?

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  4. Oh, and anonymous. A word in your shell-like. Swearing just makes you look like an ignorant schoolboy who's just learned his first bad word.

    At least you finally worked out that you had to click the link to find out what was going on.

  5. Anonymouse,

    I believe that I cat *could* talk today. You're making a modal fallacy. But, the cessation of miracles like this is a *reason* why I don't think it happened to Dan.

    Anyway, you believe some birds talk, why? Cause you've seen one. Why not a snake? Cause no one's seen one? Well, Adam and Eve did. But you don't believe that story. Why? Because no one's seen a snake talk. So, like Dan, you can continue to beg questions and dismiss the Bible out of hand. Bear in mind, that's not debate, though. if it were, why'd each of us bother to show up? Why didn't we just tell the audience that we both disagree with eachother's position, and be done with it?

    Lastly, even if the cat talked, how would that affect my worldview? How is a cat that talks a problem to my worldview? It's not.

    Regarding prayer, I guess you show how much you don't know about Christianity. if you were a Christian then you indict yourself and all the other fluffy arminians. Prayer is not just about supplication. You think God's like some big grandfather in the sky who you can just ask to mkae things all better for you. Try and hit some books before publicly making yourself look foolish.

    Oh, that's right, you don;t need to worry about that! You're posting anonymously.