Sunday, November 06, 2005

Wrong war, wrong place, wrong time!


Updated: 12:54 PM EST
Police Find Fuel Bomb Factory Near Capital

Some 2,300 police poured into the…region to bolster security overnight while firefighters moved out around the city to douse blazing vehicles. Police reported nearly 200 arrests nationwide.

Police also found a gasoline bomb-making factory in a rundown building… that contained 150 explosives, more than 100 bottles, gallons of fuel and hoods for hiding rioters' faces.

Inside the city, three cars were damaged by fire from gasoline bombs…where residents said they heard a loud explosion and saw flames shooting into the sky.

Unrest spread…”Arsonists burned at least 50 vehicles, part of a shopping center, a post office and two schools,” said Patrick Hamon, spokesman for the national police.

Five police officers and three firefighters were injured in clashes with youths in the town, Hamon said.

"Rioters attacked us with baseball bats"…"We were attacked with pickaxes. It was war."

The number of cars torched overnight…was the highest since the violence began Oct. 27…The night before, 900 vehicles were burned throughout the country.

Government officials have held a series of meetings with Muslim religious leaders, local officials and youths from poor suburbs to try to calm the violence.

Arsonists have also burned grocery stores, video stores and other businesses in what Hamon called "copycat" crimes. "All these hoodlums see others setting fires and say they can do it, too."


See what Bush has brought us to? He and Rove and Rummy and Cheney and the Neocon cabal lied us into an immoral and illegal war to line the pockets of the oil execs.

An insurgency like this is just what happens when you invade and occupy a sovereign nation. This is also what you can expect when you prop up the Zionist entity as it continues to oppress the Palestinian people.

We warned Bush that if he went ahead with this immoral and illegal war, it would be the greatest recruiting tool for Muslims militants that you could imagine. Is it any wonder that they hate us so?

But our cowboy president along with the Taliban-wing of the Republican party were way too ignorant and arrogant to heed the warnings of the world community, the advice of Kofi Annan, and the counsel of stalwart allies like France and Germany. This is what happens when you substitute smart bombs for smart diplomacy.

So now we’re stuck in a quagmire of urban warfare with no exit strategy.



Upon rereading the AP article I now see that it’s not about the capital of Iraq, but the capital of France. Sorry ‘bout that.

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