Saturday, November 26, 2005

Wine, women, and song

The C-Train, otherwise known as…the C-Train, has published a post on “modest attire” for our womenfolk.

What can I say? Only a generation raised on Britney Spears and Paris Hilton would regard such attire as anything another that highly provocative. Notice that there are still patches of bare skin showing! Such are the depths of decadence to which the younger generation have sunk that such suggestive attire would be seen as the least bit conservative.

For truly discreet attire, you need to go to this website:;niqab

Humor aside, there is a serious issue here. On the one hand, Islamic culture epitomizes misogynism. Since, however, Muslim men are wired just like any other normal man, this generates a contradiction between their credo and their libido, which, in turn, generates a love/hate attitude towards women. Muslim men can’t help finding women appealing. They have a natural need for the love of a woman.

And yet their ethical system is uptight to the nth degree. They will kill themselves for their 72 virgins in paradise while, at the very same time, they will kill others for holding a beauty pageant. They will gang-rape a woman and then stone her to death in an “honor” killing because she has brought shame on herself and her family. The whole culture is pathological.

On the other hand, American pop culture has gone to the other extreme. It’s easy for libertines to make fun of Christian “hang-ups,” but the Christians are the realists. The sex drive has a capacity both to unite and to divide. Within proper bounds, it is a constructive force; out-of-bounds, it is a destructive force.

Men have a hair-trigger arousal mechanism based on visual cues. It’s purely involuntary.

The power of the sex drive needs to be respected because it can either be a social adhesive or else a social solvent. If marriage is a social glue, premarital and extramarital sex are social acids.

Anne Landers once said that a female should show enough to let you know she’s a woman, but keep enough out of sight to let you know she’s a lady.


  1. How horrifying! They let their ELBOWS show!

    Don't they know that a woman's elbows remind a man of her breasts! (Or, at least that's what the christian school my wife attended as a child taught...)

  2. I wonder what happens when a single Moslem guy moves from Saudi Arabia or some such country to the depraved west.

    On average does he search for a devout Moslem wife, goes crazy when he sees Madonna videos, or what? Does he become more or less religous?

  3. If I'm thinking of the site Steve showed me earlier, there were also head-coverings and prayer-shawls for sale at the site as well.

    I've never seen a woman with a head covering or prayer covering in all of my churched life.

    The head-covering debate isn't anything I've studied in depth, so I'm not mocking it, but it sure looks strange to these eyes.

    This could be the 21st century occidental more-secular-than-he-thinks guy in me speaking, but there is such a thing as "too modest."

    Oh and Shamgar --- I made the exact same crack to Steve in an email earlier.