Monday, October 24, 2005

Self-hating Jew-2

In a message dated 10/24/05 12:13:50 PM, writes:

Pastor Rev. Dr. Hays, Personal Assistant to Jesus, etc.

Why do you hate Jewish people?
(You don't need to answer as I will not be reading any more of your long
analytical discourses).

For the record, I legally changed my name to Akiva. Got it?

A few years ago I rec'd a perserve email from Prager in which he called
Rachel Corrie a Marxist terrorist and dupe supporter of Hamas and Al Aqsa.

"Rabbi" Lapin is a joke. He's allied with the anti-Semitic convert the
Jews churches you love.

Thus he's allied with the same church groups that fund the Jews for Jesus
hate organization.

JfJ is recognized as a hate group by the ADL. And by me, but I don't have
the clout that they do so you probably won't bother to send your long
winded analytical, full of contempt and satire letters to Abraham Foxman,
altho you sure enjoy spending a great deal of time doing this with me.

Why not use the time to help some in your own community? You could become
a prison volunteer, for example, and teach some Christian background
inmates how to read and write.

(And you work on converting some Jews you love to spit on with your
supremacist, racist theological views,s hey!)

I'm sure you can find some find at least one other Jew or Muslim or
Buddhist or Hindu to "dialogue" with for sport and fun.

I asked both of the conservative Christian DJ's who contacted me last
Tuesday (with requests, respectively, for me to interview last Tuesday) if
they support conversion campaigns targeting Jewish (and other non
Christian) children and youth for conservion).

Neither one replied. As you're so close to these sorts, perhaps you can
explain why they hate Jews? But I won't hold my breath waiting for a non
dogmatic reply.

So I declined the interviews. A cantor I know said I made the right
choice, as he described these guys as bigots (as he would about you).

But he, like me, are non Orthodox Jews so we don't count for you.

Lastly, a Jew of ANY denomination (Orthodox, Conservative,
Reconstructionist, Reform, Renewal et al) does not have or need to believe
in God to lead a Jewish life, to attend synagogue, to be acepted by his or
her rabbi and clerical and educational leaders,  etc.

That's a big difference between you and Jews, one which you fail yet to

Hi Ken,

Rachel Corrie? Wasn't she the young woman helping Arab terrorists build tunnels to smuggle explosives into Israel--the better to blow up busses in downtown Jerusalem and Jewish teenagers in pizzerias?

Ken, why are you siding with the suicide bombers? Didn't Hitler kill enough Jews already? Are you a donor to Hamas? Are you going to start painting wings on the Muslim "martyrs" who maim and murder Jews to get their 72 virgins? What's wrong with you, Ken?

The ADL? Isn't that the organization which tried to organize a boycott of Mel Gibson's movie for fear it would incite Christians to persecute Jews?

Funny, that never happened, did it? I don't recall the ADL issuing a public apology for its alarmist rhetoric and smear campaign.

In the meantime, Muslims continue to kill Jews at every available opportunity.


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  1. My favorite part is, "you hate me for my race, so you must not be volunteering to help the downtrodden."

    That's iron-clad. He's got you. You can't argue with that.