Monday, September 26, 2005

Damning at the drop of a hat


People don't want to follow such a system (a worldview which would damn Billy Graham and James Dobson at the drop of a hat). They want something positive and uplifting.


Armstrong is painting with quite a broad-brush here. When he speaks of “damning” Dobson and Graham, I don’t know if he’s speaking literally or figuratively.

It is true that I and others are quite critical of aspects of their theology.

But I, for one, am certainly not damning these two individuals to hell. I have no reason to doubt that both of them are genuine Christian believers.

Graham, in particular, although he has a long track-record of foolish statements which he has to retract the next day, is a very godly and saintly man. He’s a model of Christian piety, but not a model of Christian theology. I could say the same about Moody. The same may also be true of Dobson, but I've had less exposure to him that to Graham.

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