Wednesday, January 27, 2016

George Soros and Russell Moore

Evidently, Russell Moore, President of the SBC Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, is a tool of George Soros:

Russell Moore? He’s one of the leaders of the Evangelical Immigration Table, a Soros front group pushing for Obama’s immigration agenda.

The Evangelical Immigration Table is led by and composed of the following member organizations:
The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention (ERLC) (
The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission is an entity of the Southern Baptist Convention, the largest non-Catholic denomination in the United States with more than 16 million members. The ERLC exists to assist the churches by helping them understand the moral demands of the gospel, apply Christian principles to moral and social problems and questions of public policy, and to promote religious liberty in cooperation with the churches and other Southern Baptist entities.  The ERLC has offices in Nashville, Tennessee and Washington, D.C.  Upon the retirement of longtime ERLC President Dr. Richard Land, the ERLC has been led since June 2013 by Dr. Russell Moore.

For further documentation:


  1. He's also funded BLM and Ferguson protest groups:

    I feel like Soros is the closest thing we have to a Bond villain.

  2. Moore has set my spider-sense tingling on several occasions.

  3. Moore certainly is an advocate for weakening the restrictions on immigration and finding a pathway to citizenship for those already here. Soros is funding one of those efforts. That doesn't make him a tool of Soros, and it doesn't (as one of the pieces you linked to claimed) mean he's defending Obama's particular way of doing it.

    1. Actually, it does make him a tool of Soros. Moore could lobby from his position as president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. Instead, he teams up with a Soros front organization (the Evangelical Immigration Table). At that point, Soros is using him (and others) to further the agenda of Soros.

    2. He's only a tool for Soros is Soros is getting him to do things he wouldn't otherwise do and if the agenda he's promoting is lockstep Soros, and neither one of those things is true. He's being critical of the Democratic versions of those laws. My understanding is that he thinks the Bush-McCain version went too far in making the path to citizenship easier for people who come here illegally than it is for those who come legally. But he realizes that most of the resistance is coming from people who think it's somehow immoral to allow people who have been living here and contributing to the U.S. economy for decades to have a path to become Americans, even when they've committed no crimes. (And immigration law isn't criminal law, so breaking it isn't committing a crime.) He's resistant to a lot of the rhetoric on the right, and he's spending more time convincing the people who are the actual roadblocks to getting anything done on this, who are Republicans, but I'm pretty sure he has been clear enough that he doesn't endorse Obama's lawless means of achieving this or the particular proposals of Democrats in how far to go with it.

      And there's nothing wrong in principle with accepting money from Soros. If Soros somehow managed to donate some money to National Right to Life, they would be stupid to refuse it. He doesn't get to dictate what gets done with his money once it leaves his hands, and I don't see Moore caving to him even if he does try that sort of thing. He's not participating in evil with Soros unless (1) Soros dictates the entire agenda without allowing him to stop where he would stop or add what he would add and (2) the agenda Soros is dictating in the particular case is evil, regardless of whether other things he's doing are evil. I just can't get on board with either one of those in this case, unless I see evidence that's much clearer than the flimsy connections in the posts you linked to.

    3. In his position as president of the ERLC, Mooe can network with likeminded groups such as World Relief, the NAE, and the NHCLC, without using a Soros front organization. He can avoid that complicity.