Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Obama Distorts His Abortion Record in Third Debate"

The NRLC has the lowdown.


  1. You mean that Barak Obama equivocated like Calvinists do when they claim that "with no reference to the individual" means something other than arbitrary, and when they claim that determinism doesn't make God the author of sin? Yeah, Obama reminds me of Calvinists too. They can give a pretty decent presentation -- but its all lies and contradictions that they refuse to admit are contradictions.

  2. Arminianism, however, is like McCain...not even passion to take on the enemy. Too nice to the Calvinists. Here are the Calvinists claiming that Jesus Christ "Who did no sin neither was guile found in his mouth" puts guile in all men's mouths and makes them sin. And the Arminians handle them with kiddie gloves "my opponent is an honor man, but I believe I can do a better job." Don't lie Arminians. You know the Calvinists are NOT honorable at all. They are way more than totally depraved! They're more depraved that Satan himself, accusing God for their sins. Even the Devil doesn't stoop that low. "But let's be nice."

  3. You mean how like purple is a different shade of green because I feel like randomly changing the subject as if I had something important to say? And what's up with those whiney Taco Bell employees who won't stand up to Big Burritos and demand fair time for their Gorditas?

  4. I'd guess, then, that this makes Beowulf2k8 more like the Democratic Party, which of course is the party represented by the donkey.

    Beowulf2k8 is like a donkey braying and kicking against itself -- unintentionally funny while at the same time just hurting himself.

    On the one hand, Beowulf2k8 thinks his fellow Arminians are way "too nice" to Calvinists. He demands that his fellow Arminians stop treating Calvinists so nicely. This is because he thinks Calvinists are "more depraved than Satan himself" and thus worthy of contempt.

    On the other hand, Beowulf2k8 calls his fellow Arminians liars: "Don't lie Arminians. You know the Calvinists are NOT honorable at all."

    Now, we know that the devil is the father of lies.

    So Beowulf2k8 not only slams Calvinists for being in his mind "more depraved than Satan," but he also tars his fellow Arminians as knowing, willful liars, thereby insinuating that his fellow Arminians are behaving with respect to Calvinists in a manner comparable to how Satan behaves.

    Yep, Beowulf2k8 reminds me of a description of Ishmael in Gen. 16:12: "He shall be a wild donkey of a man, his hand against everyone and everyone's hand against him."

    Call him Ishmael.

  5. And, seriously, what is up with Gorditas?! Like, I'm totally craving one right now, but Taco Bell is closed! Maybe I can run to Del Taco instead and get something similar? Man, if only fast food restaurants were open 24/7, then I could satisfy my hunger! And speaking of 24, have you seen the new season yet? But Jack Bauer is no match for Hiro Nakamura! Japan has such a rich history.

  6. Patrick,

    Dude, you gotta move to a better city. OUR Taco Bells are open 24/7. But that's because we have to deal with the Avs, who apparently need Jack Bauer to torture some goalies into existence.


    At least we won tonight. That's cause for a celebratory Gordito.

    Man, I love talking politics with ya.

  7. Hehe, you're too funny, Peter! ;-)

    Yeah, our Taco Bells close at like midnight, I think it is. Bummer. :-(

    Go Ducks! ;-)