Saturday, February 06, 2016

Wheaton prof. resigns


  1. Seems a bit strange to resign after you have presumably gotten what you wanted with an apology from the provost.

  2. It makes perfect sense to me from a human perspective. She is angry at the administration. She wanted them to apologize, because that was a matter of "principle" from her perspective, but now she doesn't want to keep working there. To her it looks like a grand gesture. Now _she's_ in the position to be sought-after. It was a perfectly successful act of victim-mongering. She did something theologically dubious, they rightly questioned her, she held press get-togethers, interviews, got tons of sympathy. The administration caved and apologized, and she walks off in a huff. Grand exit.

    Moreover, she got a lot of publicity in the course of this (that may not have been her original intention, but she milked it for all it was worth once she came under question), and that has no doubt led to leads for other jobs.

    At this point, staying where she is and continuing to be a disruptive force at Wheaton just isn't what she wants anymore. She may very well be able to get a more secure position at a more prestigious school.

  3. For what did the administration need to apologize, besides the possible "tone" canard? Failure to promptly run heretics out on a rail smacks of Father Eli, and suggests lack of spine and doctrinal wavering. Wheaton owes its stdents alumni, and faculty - not to mention, God - better.

  4. I mean,honestly, who *didn’t* see this coming? She couldn't have telegraphed her intentions more clearly if she'd hired a skywriter.

    A book deal is surely next.