Monday, March 02, 2015

Easter Resources 2015

Since 2009, I've been putting together a post of resources for each Easter season. Here are the ones from previous years:


Here are some representative examples of issues we've addressed:

Reviews Of Debates On Jesus' Resurrection
The Fulfillment Of Easter Prophecies
Evidence For The Empty Tomb
Unusual Agreement Among The Resurrection Accounts
Evidence That Saul Of Tarsus Saw Jesus Risen From The Dead
Why Didn't The Risen Jesus Appear To More And Different People?
Resurrection Evidence Outside The New Testament
Evidence For The Shroud Of Turin
Independent, Converging Lines Of Evidence For Jesus' Resurrection
Matthew 27:52-3
How The Apostles Died
Miracles In The Modern World

Some of our e-books, listed on the sidebar on the right side of the screen, address Easter issues.

We've written a lot about Easter-related subjects since the 2014 post linked above. What's below is a brief description of those posts and a link to each one.

I wrote a post about the eyewitness documents we have testifying to Jesus' resurrection. Patrick Chan posted a video of some Easter music. He also linked a post by Evan May about the resurrection and the alleged impossibility of miracles. Later, I wrote about what we should make of the 1988 carbon dating of the Shroud of Turin. The post discusses many lines of evidence for the authenticity of the Shroud. And here's something I wrote concerning Paul's miracles as evidence of Jesus' resurrection. Steve Hays linked a couple of articles on whether Easter is a pagan holiday. He also addressed the issue of whether the resurrection is more important than inerrancy. Here's a post he wrote about Easter and the historicity of the book of Jonah. And here he wrote about Edward G. Robinson, "The Messiah of Mott Street", and Easter. He also linked a response to Bart Ehrman on some Easter-related issues. I wrote about the 1982 carbon dating of the Shroud of Turin. (See the comments section of the thread for updates to the article since I first published it.) Steve discussed how widely we should expect the darkness at Jesus' crucifixion to have been reported if the event was more than a local phenomenon. And here's a post on some lines of evidence for the authorship of the gospels. I also wrote about evidence supporting an early date for Luke and Acts. I linked a video of a debate on the resurrection between Mike Licona and Evan Fales. And here's my review of that debate. I also posted a collection of our reviews of resurrection debates over the years. And here's something on the "we" passages in Acts and what they tell us about the authorship of Luke and Acts. Steve wrote about whether Easter needs to be celebrated on the date when Jesus rose from the dead. I linked some videos of a 2014 conference on the Shroud of Turin. Steve addressed some of the controversies surrounding Matthew 27:52-3. He also discussed the absence of resurrection narratives in Mark. And here's another post where he addressed why Mark doesn't say more about the resurrection appearances. He also quoted some portions of a discussion about Jesus' resurrection at another blog. And he responded to a recent book by Richard C. Miller about Jesus' resurrection. I posted about Miller as well.

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