Friday, January 03, 2014

Why stop with Benny Hinn?

I have another question for Dr Michael Brown, who, though he endorses the continuation of spectacular gifts, appears not to be a fan of the discernment one:

Dr Brown, since you're fine with lending your credibility to men who are clearly and obviously heretical false teachers who are in the religious business for their own material gain, and when called on it willing to defend your actions with an appeal to ignorance about their teachings, when are you going to be inviting Vissarion on your show to talk about evangelism in Russia, the fall of the USSR, living for God while in a harsh environment, and what he thinks of Israel?


  1. I noticed that Dr. White wrote a comment to Dr. Brown where he expresses his disappointment. I have great respect for both Dr. White and Dr. Brown. But, what do you all think of Dr. White's many appearances on the Bible Answer Man radio broadcasts even though there have been many complaints about Hanegraaff's past conduct where he allegedly dictatorially and systematically got rid of the other hosts soon after Walter Martin's death? Along with allegations of plagiarism and financial mismanagement?

    Is Dr. White being hypocritical? Are critics of Dr. Brown hypocritical in not also criticizing Dr. White?

  2. It seems to me that there is a quite substantive difference between Hinn and Hanegraaff in that Hinn is a documented heretic and charlatan, whereas Hanegraaff is - at least so far as his teaching is concerned - perfectly orthodox (flirtings with preterism notwithstanding).

  3. Hank got rid of Dr. White, too, I believe. He hasn't been on in a few years. The last time was a debate on Calvinism. I am not good with that history, perhaps someone knows better.

  4. appears not to be a fan of the discernment one:

    Indeed, anyone with even a little discernment would know Benny Hinn is a false prophet, false teacher, full of greed and pride and has cheated hundreds of thousands of people out of millions of dollars.