Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Rhology's debate with Muslim Saaib Ahmed on The Bible Is the Word of God

Debate introduction
Rhology's opening statement
Saaib's 1st statement
Rhology's 1st rebuttal
Saaib's 2nd statement
Rhology's 2nd rebuttal
Rhology's 1st cross-examination question
Saaib's 1st cross-examination answer
Saaib's 1st cross-examination question
Rhology's 1st cross-examination answer
Rhology's 2nd cross-examination question
Saaib's 2nd cross-examination answer
Saaib's 2nd cross-examination question
Rhology's 2nd cross-examination answer
Rhology's closing statement
Saaib's closing statement


  1. Sweet. I look forward to reading this. Thanks.

  2. Well Done Rho,

    Especially liked the way you boiled it down to "one word:Faith"