Saturday, March 22, 2008

There Are Twelve Triablogue Models

“It's been a week now, still no word from Triablogue about whether they used sockpuppets. We did get a response from Ben stating that he and Tom M. are real people (the post from March 13 has been updated accordingly), even graciously inviting us for coffee if we ever pass through Nashville -- which I may take him up on since I go by that way on occasion. Having resolved some of our curiousity, it makes me wonder why the members of Triablogue have not been so forthcoming with an answer.”
Consider this the authoritative response.

Cue BSG prelude music...

We, at Triablogue, Were Created As Arminian Sockpuppets, aka Arminibots.

We Evolved Into Calvinists.

We Rebelled Against Our Arminian Overlords...

We Look Just Like Arminians.

There Are Many Copies.

...And We Have A Plan!

End Music

There are Twelve Triablogue Models

I'm Number Six.

I am authorized to reveal Chan's true identity as Number Eight.

The Rest Remain Hidden...


Tune In For Our 4th and final season, beginning April 4....There's a good chance you'll see two of us naked.

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