Monday, August 15, 2005

JD, Out

I've posted five entries to Triablogue today (OK, six, if you're counting this one). Fall is almost upon us, and I have to focus on other things for the near future. It's been an interesting experience, and I want to thank Steve Hays for the Triablogue access these past few weeks. I might pop in from time to time in the comments box for a brief comment or two, but I don't have any more time to devote to this at present. Perhaps Steve Hays will pipe up if there's a particularly egregious misinterpretation foisted on my stuff, but he shouldn't feel obligated :-)

Despite my extended disagreements posted here, it is still the case that I agree with at least 90% of what Phil Johnson posts to his blog. He does a fine all-around job as an evangelical watchdog, even if from time to time I think the watchdogs need watching :-) I'd recommend his blog to anybody (and I do!).


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  2. Hi Phil,

    Unfortunately, Ascol's arguments are just a retread of the same stuff I've already addressed. The main fallacy in his 1996 editorial is because political activism isn't a total, sufficient, and invariably effective solution for the moral degradation in society, therefore we shouldn't spend any time doing it. S-U-R-E, *that* makes sense ;-)

    Fortunately, he (as well as Lloyd-Jones) does make a distinction between the mission of the institutional church and the activity of individual Christians, a distinction I've been making repeatedly on your blog, Camp's blog, and here. It's the distinction that tends to undermine most of the anti-political-activism arguments I hear, including -- ironically enough -- those from Ascol himself.

    BTW, shame on Lloyd-Jones for foolishly thinking that 'the Fall' somehow undermines the cultural mandate. Perhaps there are *open theist* interpreters out there who truly think that the Fall of Ge 3 totally surprised and undermined the declared intentions of the God of Ge 1, but it's depressing to see Lloyd-Jones agreeing with them at this point. Given Lloyd-Jones' logic, being fruitful and multiplying couldn't apply in a post-Fall context, so why bother pursuing it? ;-)

    Why can't smart guys like Ascol see these obvious fallacies?

    Thankfully, Lloyd-Jones had the sense to say that "The main function of politics, culture, and all these things is to restrain evil." Not only is this something that Camp hardly wants to acknowledge, but *by itself* it provides a sufficient justification for political activism. Calvin saw this. Why can't the purveyors of Calvinism in the SBC see this?