Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Interesting Question

[The following blog post is by Jus Divinum]

Sorry, but I couldn't resist linking to this. You have to admit it's a good question. Will it get an answer? Here's a case of Christians cooperating en masse with various non-Christians in an earthly enterprise that is not assured of success, and that is in no sense a spiritual or permanent answer to a moral problem. Perhaps the Sermon on the Mount excludes it? ;-)


  1. You seriously think that's a good question?

    Do you honestly see such a close parallel between individual Christians serving in a secular government's army, and evangelical churches, ministers, and media ministries who not only start their own parachurch politico-religious organizations (where doctrinal boundaries are deliberately erased for the sake of political harmony)--but also target the community of believers in their efforts to coordinate, recruit, and raise funds for various boycotts, legislative initiatives, and political campaigns?

    Now, I support the war, and I presume you do, too. But there's a limit to what I would publicly do with my time and my energies as a minister of the gospel to further the war effort.

    How far are you willing to go with "military co-belligerence"?

    Would you think it acceptible, for example, if "Insight for Living" (using radio air time purchased by people who believed they were giving to the Lord's work) devoted Chuck Swindoll's voice and reputation to the task of recruiting Christians to serve in the armed services, and calling for an organized evangelical effort to hunt down and kill Bin Laden?

    What if "Back to the Bible" started their own paramilitary group? What if "Love Worth Finding" devoted a significant amount of their funds to such efforts? What if Promise Keepers started training men in numchuck skills?

    In other words, how much does the legitimacy of our support for the war against terrorism justify the use of evangelical resources in pursuit of that war? Shall we crank up a new Crusade against the Turks? (Not you, Frank.)

    Just curious about how consistent you are willing to be with your own rationale, Jus. Since you think military campaigns are a "good" parallel to political campaigns, why don't we organize an evangelical war against Islamofascism?

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